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Roastmaster (A Coffee Novel)
The seventh sister is over the moon for a Costa Rican coffee farmer… In the spring of 1984, John Mallory, the seventh sister in a coffee family dies a legend when she is uprooted from Kansas City and travels to a coffee farm in Costa Rica to become a Roastmaster. Now, eighteen years later, Capri is connected to her dead aunt through a surreal sense of smell. When Capri runs away with her boyfriend, she unearths John Mallory’s story and the myth of the Pleiades, a cluster of blue stars known as the Seven Sisters. But her quirky mother, grandfather and five aunts fear love will also lead Capri to an early grave.

A heartwarming and emotionally tugging story about family bonds, sisters, coffee and the never-ending love of parent and child. It’s a novel about falling in love—and the different journeys life takes us on…A tale for those who know magic can be found in the bean of a fruit.

Roastmaster was a Novello Literary Award Finalist

A Message To You From Me...

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Why Write?

A lot of fiction writers tell me they can’t not write. Their eyes widen as if they’re tied to the railroad tracks and the train is coming. Others look at the sky, dreamy, and smile. I honestly don’t know what they’re talking about.

Probably because the writing train has already chugged right over me.

I’ve never tried not writing. And I doubt I ever will.

For me, writing is a way to connect to something bigger. It’s like whipping up a soufflé from egg whites. Or binge watching five seasons of an old TV series that you never got around to. It’s eating chocolates or watching a sunset.

Without writing, I wouldn’t feel creative or clear or colorful.

I wouldn’t get lost in time.

If I had a crystal ball and discovered that no one would ever read my writing… well… I’d keep writing anyway. I just wouldn’t spend so much time polishing my work—and certainly no time presenting it to the world.

But off it goes… Except sometimes… When I never let it leave my backyard.

Before being called a novelist and poet, I wrote primarily to sell and market products to businesses and consumers. For 20 years, I climbed corporate ladders at Fortune 100/500 companies—Johnson & Johnson/McNeil CPC, Heublein, Frito-Lay/PepsiCo, and Whole Foods Market, where I was the president of several subsidiaries.

You could say I have a passion for business. And for writing. But it’s really something more. And completely the same.

What I love doing is creating.

I love writing to help businesses generate revenue and build customer lifetime value. That’s why I’m a consultant and marketer.

I also love to create stories from scratch. Capture a thought on paper. Make things up just to see what happens.

Even when I was running Fortune 500 conglomerates, I wrote fiction and poetry. Even when I write poetry, I’m figuring out ways for businesses to accomplish more.

When I was eight, living in a house with 5 sisters and a brother, I used to shimmy up our weeping willow tree to compose poems in my “eagle’s nest.” It was the only place to escape the traffic inside our house.

And when I’m traveling and waiting in airports, I write. Every now and then, someone will wander over and ask what I’m doing, what keeps me so calm. We’re in the midst of mayhem—canceled flights, delays, frustrated crowds—and I’ll tell him or her: “I write poetry.” They smile and nod. And sometimes she or he will sit down and stop worrying about the uncontrollable, too.

Many of my colleagues were surprised when I left my big corporate job and moved to a small town in the mountains. But it was the right thing for me to do—because I’m also an entrepreneur at heart, a marketer, a writer, and a poet.

I tend to follow my flow. Wherever it takes me. Trains. Planes. A Peruvian jungle. Working with businesses.

Recently, I was asked to speak at the high school about writing. Young adults have so much enthusiasm, and passion, and opinions, and much of that old self-doubt (that we all have), too. “What if…” is just a breath away.

Some students are brash and plan to make a fortune by writing. I hope they do. Others wonder if they should be writing at all. They want answers about their future and what to do.

To all of them I say, “Write if you love to. Don’t care if anyone likes what you write. Don’t listen to the voice that tells you what you’ve written is muck. Don’t focus on whether you’ll get stink’n rich. Or your name will live on in print. Just write. And read. And read and write some more. Do what you love doing and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

So I read. And I write. And I write and read. I consult. And create.

What I write about is what I like to read. Stories about relationships, family, nature, animals, myths, any time I can learn something new—okay, I like to write about a lot of things—and I tend to see things from a quirky perspective. So I often employ magical realism and fantasy in my fiction.

My stories and poems have won a few awards, and my work has appeared in literary journals, magazines, and anthologies, but that’s not what drives me to write. What drives me is creating.

And every now and then, someone will tell me that my story or poem has touched them. And that touches me. I think, “Maybe I write for you too.”

I hope I wrote my story or poem for you.

Right now, I’m working on a novel series. It keeps changing on me so I don’t know where it will go. This one will be a little less literary. We’ll see when I’m willing to let it find its own feet in the world. If you’d like me to tell you when it comes out, sign up and I’ll send you a note.

For whatever reason you’re here, thanks for visiting. I hope you’re enjoying a world of flow and creativity.



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